With the increasing growth in property lately, you can see that the house selling business is rocketing. If you’ve seen that a room in your home looks narrow, and unattractive, this time you can try to be able to design your house with a green accent color. Usually the house with the narrow angle is one of the less attractive sides of a house and becoming one declining point when it is on sale later. The design of a house which is visible from several angles will looks more interesting than the narrow one. The concept of a corner of the room is not about make it cramped, that’s why we could try to play a trick on that spot. We could place display decorations with some interior design that looks quite interesting, creating an attractive design view, or even more, we are also able to design a room there, creating a patio with interesting agio patio furniture in it, with some visible display.


One of the best reason why we have to put patio in our house is because there aren’t many city house has a garden. However, if we really want to get the natural green accent color, we can start by making a garden. As we know that garden is a space with natural feel that can give you freshness, not to mention the benefit of green concept for your environment.

Although there are also many people

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who say that the environment on patio room does not have a lot of benefits, but in reality, garden or patio room is a room that can add value to the beauty of your room. For those who do not know, patio is actually a room that was on the outside, generally used for dining or relaxing that for the home owner.

The concept of the patio room is a simple room. The room is usually constructed from building materials such as concrete and stone. The material that is often used is concrete; one of the reasons is because the cost of concrete production is much cheaper. However, there are also variety of material such as brick, paving block, tile, and some other types.

The benefit of the patio room is to provide a room with natural lighting. It will be optimized during the day, especially if it is outdoors, the patio can help to circulate the air flow in

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the house. You can install a ventilation system in this room to complete it.

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