Small Patio Furniture Sets

Garden house is a fairly important part in the design of an overall minimalist house. In addition to beautify and add to the impression of a beautiful, home garden also has a function that adds orologis catchment and water filters in your home environment, so that the existence of the park can not be ignored. In addition it will create the impression of a beautiful garden and a shady, natural impression will be felt on a

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house with a green garden and soothing.

The problem of small space is a common problem often faced by the people. This problem is not appears only indoors, but also outdoors. Therefore, they are confused thinking about how to design their small spaces and putting small patio furniture for garden hpuse. This article will discuss about some of the ideas associated with outdoor furniture for small spaces.


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Before you go shopping for furniture for the exterior of the small room, you should make a small survey in advance to get the appropriate size. It is used to choose the right size of furniture you want to buy. The first furniture to be You think is a table and chairs. It is better for you to consider the use of folding tables and chairs that can be hung on the wall. Metal, wood, or resin which is suitable for that. If you have a small square room, you can consider about the use of bistro table consisting of two or four seats.

Furthermore, in order to protect from light sun and rain, shade canopy is a good idea. Choose the one that you would plant hole in the table, or you may save the standing position curve. Other options is a canvas shade canopy that can be set directly on the wall. This can protect the area a small sitting area.

A swing that is fit for one person could good choice. Installation of Swing will help you enjoy the atmosphere in the beautiful and fresh morning or late afternoon accompanied by a gentle wind blowing. Types of swing you choose is dependent on your taste. Do not forget about lighting Yes. Storing outdoor candles are also very appropriate to create a warm atmosphere. However, do not forget to make it safely to protect the candle from the wind and keep away from flammable materials. Then, Barbeque grill ideal for those who want held a Barbeque party and of course partying like it’ll be fun away from flammable materials

Patio Table And Chairs Your Minimalist Home

Beautify the minimalist patio with patio table and chairs, can be a value -added hospitality in welcoming guests who visit your home. Not a few guests who choose not to come into the house, for example because of the limitations of their time; so this is where the added value of the patio chair, which makes such guests can still sit and relax, even though they have limited time.


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This minimalist patio chairs can also give a first impression of the overall home design. Beautify your patio chair is a must for you who are very concerned about the look or design of your house; you can make it simple yet elegant. Especially if this patio chair combined with furniture and trinkets such as a vase or garden, with wall color harmony and model could be an attraction itself.

Minimalist Terrace Chairs

Viewed from its function, patio chairs are not only placed in front of the home, but can also beside or behind the house. So, before giving a decision in taking or choosing minimalist patio chairs, you should pay more attention to the function of the usefulness of the chair, such as chair for welcoming guests, or for relaxing seat.

Patio Seats for Welcoming Guest

Like a glimpse mentioned above, this kind of patio chair serves to give the impression of a friendly and fun when you encounter with guests. This chair can provide convenience for the guests to sit down and rest for a while even though they only has a little time, or it could be the extra places, if the guests who is coming exceed the capacity of the house. This kind of patio chairs usually placed in front of the house.

If you choose a patio chair with this function, you should choose a patio seat which durable, strong, and resistant to any weather conditions. As an example, patio chairs made ​​of iron or wood.

Patio Chairs for Relaxing

This kind of patio chairs usually placed next to or behind the home. Its function is to hangout and relaxing for the homeowners, friends, and family. It also could be referred as a place to relax on your personal activities and family.

This kind of patio chair you use to relax can be made from teak wood, rattan, bamboo and so on; the priority level for this kind of chair is the comfort level. Most of this kind of patio chair usually made ​​of rattan.

Wood Patio Furniture Sets

Patio is a space that is located in front of the house and usually used to receive guests who only visit for a few minutes. However, patio is not only located in front of the house, you can also place it next to the house. If you place the patio next to the house, it is usually serves as a gathering place for the whole family, as well as a place to relax or quiet place to read. This space also needs furniture as decoration and filling. Wood patio furniture is one of the must have thing to owned for your patio space. Wood patio furniture usually consists of wooden benches or chairs and table. Wood benches, chairs and table are the best material available.


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Due to the location of the patio which is outside the house, you need to be careful in the selection of the exterior design, as this will determine the overall look of the house. The first thing to consider in creating the exterior design

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for patio is adjust the style and design of the main house design. The precision of style and design between the main house and the patio aims to make the whole house look harmonious and beautiful.

As conveyed before, patio needs furniture and accessories such as chairs and tables. If you are a garden lover then you can use the bench as you can see in the public parks, as well as adding some plants in small pots. Or if you prefer, you can add the art objects that have aesthetic value, such as abstract sculpture, carving, and so on. Patio furniture and accessories in the home can serve to enhance the aesthetic value of a dwelling and can eliminate the impression of cold atmosphere.

Patio design should consider the colors you use. This must be adapted to the colors that you and your family like. Discuss with your family, because your home will be occupied by you and your family.

Patio is the connector between the inside of the house with a yard. Patio can be in front or behind, depends on its usage. Patio that is placed in front of the house usually used as a place to welcoming guests, meanwhile the back patio is generally used for personal relaxing space. Both of them are very important for your house as you can make it functional without leaving the aesthetics value in it.

Folding Patio Lounge Chair

Choosing the best patio chairs determined according to your current needs. If you need a chair that is strong and resistant to sun and rain, you can choose a chair from wood and metal. If you want a garden chair that can be stored easily and lightly taken, then a wicker chairs with a frame of aluminum is the best choice. In addition, specify the style of chair what suits your home and garden decor, whether that has a backrest upright or tilted as a place to relax.


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Once you have determined the appropriate design of a garden chair that needs to be found , the next is to choose the appropriate seat materials . Wood is the best choice for patio chairs because it looks visually appealing , but surely d these materials are more expensive than others and can easily be damaged when exposed to rain continuously . If you still want the timber , select of teak trees . Although it is more expensive, but the quality is more resistant to the fungus . Garden chairs from teak trees will grow old to decorate your garden .

If the cost factor is the main criterion in choosing your seat , consider plastic chairs . Types of plastic chairs are available in various attractive colors and unique style. In addition, maintenance is arguably even easier . You simply clean it with just water alone. Its weight was relatively mild when compared with the material transferred to another. Meanwhile , the storage is also very convenient , because it can be stacked so that it takes up space.

Meanwhile, if you want a flexible chairs, folding chairs is the best option. Installing folding chair practically

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very easy enough to fold it for granted, as well as at store. These chairs often use aluminum as a skeleton. Pleats are designed to perfect the technique so that it has an easy slider driven, lightweight and powerful when occupied.

In choosing a folding chair, you shouldpay attention to the detail. such as easy to clean when exposed to dirt. Because if it is easy to clean, it would be easy to take care of you in making folding tables preserved and maintained its beauty.Foot or buffer chair is also an important element to be considered. Because the strength of a folding chair located on the legs. The long and the short is also diverse. Apart from the size, the material also determines, such as chair legs made from lightweight metal or wood. You can customize it to the needs or tastes.By following these tips, you will be able to locate folding chair with models and best quality. In terms of price, folding table has a variety of price variation.

Give Your Patio Bar Set An Old School Feeling

School days might be the best moment we ever had in life. After we enter our adulthood, school days might be one of the memorable moments we want to rewind. In that case, if you missed school days, especially during the first meal at the cafeteria, it might be a good idea to design your dining room into a school cafeteria concept. If you want to design a dining room made ​​to look like a school canteen, the steps are quite easy and simple. You might be want to combine the idea about your patio space by turning your patio bar into dining table, and it will be more better if you use the whole patio bar set and turn it into dining set with school environment on it. If you have no idea where to buy the patio bar set, you don’t have to worry. There is a lot of patio furniture on sale around your area, or you can even buy it online nowadays, for example, on

komponen _2

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Dining table that is used for school cafeteria usually a long dining table with a long seat like the one you see in beach, picnic area, or gardens. Actually, the concept of a dining room with school cafeteria concept is togetherness. That’s why long tables and seats are used. However, you also can use your patio bar with long width to meet the concept. To change the long chair, you can use bar stool that is place side by side with other stools. It gives the sense of closeness between seat so the environment will be warmer and closer. This kind of environment offers the owner the freedom feeling, you can talk and have a chit chat while eating your meal.

By adding a lounger on your dining room, then you will provide an eclectic touch to the room. Moreover you do not have to worry about a shortage seats when there are many guests who come, because this couch can accommodate 3-4 people.

In addition it can also remind you of your school cafeteria atmosphere first. This kind of design and idea will be great for a house for big family. It also a good idea if you often held family gathering or friendly meeting. The togetherness you feel during your free time at school can be rewind and felt during the dining time, put you closer to the ones you care.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Every home must have longed for an ideal kitchen. But unlike what people usually think, having an ideal kitchen is not about the size, that’s why, ideal kitchen is not always the large one. Even small-sized kitchen, with careful structuring, and maximize the benefits of all corner of the room, will create comfort, the first priority to create ideal kitchen. The key is

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on your kitchen furniture choosing, whether it is wooden material furniture, or wrought iron furniture.

Small kitchen does not mean it should be made lightly. Although the mini-sized kitchen, its existence remained functional. On the other hand, it made the interior of the house so attractive. If there is little space for the kitchen, it would be good if you decorate it nicely, not just put it without any meaning and decoration. Even small-sized kitchen can be made pretty and attractive.

The first key to design small kitchen in a limited space is the usage of cabinet. The goal is to be able to accommodate a variety of cookware and other kitchenware. For additional storage containers, cabinets and shelves made hanging on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area attached to the wall. Open shelves can be used to facilitate the display, dinnerware, or frequently used cookware, so there is no need to bother opening the lid closet.

You can place a set of dining table in the kitchen room space. Place it against the wall to minimize the empty space of your kitchen space. It also can provide circulation space for people passing by in the kitchen. Create a sleek and simple design. Use a table with the variation of wrought iron accessories to add a modern look into the kitchen.

Choose a neat and natural design for the kitchen closet; the key is to make your kitchen convenience and comfort. Small kitchen design concept is usually more suitable to be applied in an open-concept home; it means this kitchen will become a part of other rooms in the house.

Small size kitchen furniture deliberately designed to follow the existing space, it will maximizing the existing space of kitchen and not wasting unnecessary space. By using your own furniture designs, models and sizes can be adjusted to the needs.

For aesthetic considerations, choose a wood material cabinet. Wood has nice fiber, large grooves and clearly visible. Another consideration is choosing a light-colored wood, to given the feel of mini kitchen, so it does not give the impression of cramped in the kitchen.

The Importance Of Having Outdoor Swings In Your Hme

Rattan outdoor swings are chair-like furniture used to relaxing purpose, not formal purpose. That’s why rattan outdoor swings usually made without any arm chair attached, to tell visually that it is an informal purpose chair. The backrest of swings is made ergonomic on its side, so that people can lie with two legs straightened. Sometimes, these chairs can be used as a tool when you want to tan your skin under the sun. The place of use of these swings not only in the family room or living room for watching television, but also can be used by the pool, on the beach, or in the garden. A set of outdoor swings usually consist a swings and a small table for a drink placement. Outdoor swings usually have full color variations, ranging from natural, brown, green, white, black or even gray. Usually the seat and backrest of outdoor swings are using woven rattan. The material of this outdoor swings also vary, from wooden to rattan, but almost all of them are made from natural materials, some are using synthetic material for exterior or outdoor purposes.

There are a lot of outdoor chairs types, some of the most popular are listed below:

  • Hanging chair or well known as swings. The most popular one is made from rattan material. These chairs are used as a relaxing chair or serve as a means of recreation. Typically, it is placed on the garden or on the patio. This kind of swings usually uses iron frame for certain part, including its chains.
  • Ergonomic chairs are made for the same purpose. It is used for relaxing purpose. Rattan material with a combination of wood as the frame is the most popular for this kind of chair. This chair is very appropriate to put inside the house, such as family room or living room.
  • Rocking chairs are also included in this list. This chair can be used to relax in the family room or backyard. Rattan material with a combination of wood as the frame is the popular material nowadays.

Swings made from rattan are perfect for open space place such as patio or even for entertainment. Swings can be hung upside down while watching your favorite movie. The shape and design of the swings are quite diverse, so they will be a harmonious addition to the interior of the house.

The swings are smart solution for your home interior design that can serve the purpose with a touch of originality, but also shows how the swings can provide a sense of comfort, practical in confined spaces.

Patio Furniture Bench For Minimalist Modern Terrace Design

Patio area is the place to welcoming the guest in the outside the area of home; modern terrace design should reflect the house environment and being comfortable, it should look beautiful and tidy although guests have not been entered. Modern terrace style is usually not too crowded, but has a feeling of spacey and comfortable. Terrace design can be left blank or use customized furnishings, such as patio bench or even patio benches. You can do almost anything to design the spacious space owned by the terrace. Minimalist terrace design can also be made as a place to sit in front of the house, especially if the size is not extensive or if the terrace is in front of the door.


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Seating Design for Minimalist Terrace

Modern minimalist terrace design could be a place to sit in front of the house by installing a simple furniture; chairs and tables. Typically, patio chair has a simple design, suitable for modern minimalist house that size is not too large. Seating furniture that is suitable for terrace space is the one that does not cover the terrace door. A pair of patio chairs can be made from rattan, metal or wood, and a small table is standard patio furniture for minimalist design.

However, if the terrace is quite spacey, you can also add a sofa lounger, especially the type called patio sofa, designed to be placed on the patio. It’s become quite comfortable seating in front of the house, especially if there is a garden in front of the patio.

Unfurnished Patio Minimalist Design

If your patio is not spacey enough and there is no longer space that is wide enough to put the seat without blocking the path to the door, the patio is usually left blank. This is because the furniture like patio chairs will give cramp impression to the guess, and make them not interested in entering your patio. Typically, a narrow terrace space is found in a modern minimalist house that is utilizing the house space as effectively as possible to provide an appropriate space to live in.

To outsmart, you can add sets in a terrace at the side or the rear spot, so there are places to sit outside the house. Modern minimalist terrace design must be adapted to the design of the home, and it can be furnished or left blank. The main point is to make sure that the terrace is beautify your home and add interesting space in your house, no matter the size is.

Modern Outdoor Sofa Sale

Many things need to be considered when arranging the room. The placement of the couch should not be arbitrary. It turns sitting position and habits affect the location of sofa in the room, whether it is indoor or outdoor sofa. Normally sofas arranged to form the letter “L”. Such arrangement usually applied to the family room or living room space, because in that room, people usucropped-w-logo-blue.png

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ally busied themselves with a variety of entertainment. Either by watching television, listening to music, or reading.

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There are rare discussions that are important or official. Moreover, for outdoor sofas, the choices can be difficult because of the outdoor environment is more complicated than the indoor ones.

In the family room, people tend to sit in a relaxed position. Backs against the lower body position and slightly sunk into the couch. They usually sit with leg straightened forward. Sitting position affects the determination of the distance between the couch and coffee table. Therefore, place the coffee table with a distance of approximately 50 cm from the couch. Thus, the space between the two is enough to straighten the legs.

Sofa usually placed in the informal spaces or room, such as the living room, den, or office lobby. In such rooms, people usually sit with the official stance. Body position is more upright, leg was in an upright position. Distance required for the sitting position like this, is about 40 cm. The layout of the couch should not be in an “L” position, but the opposite. Thus the people who are talking to each other can look straight into their eyes.

All types of sofa material have advantages and disadvantages. Actually, any kind of material can be used as long as you know how to take care of it.

Leather sofa is good for attractive display. Therefore, leather material, especially dark color, easier to clean, while the suede material only can be cleaned with a special brush. What about the regular fabric? It can still look beautiful, anyway. The cleaning process for this material is not easy, but not as difficult as suede. The price is cheaper than leather though.

Sofas from fabric material usually are more expensive. But, leather material is way more expensive. Naturally, leather material is known for its robust and durable. Its maintenance is also easy. But, be careful when selecting it. Sometimes, instead cheap leather is easy to peel. In addition, leather sofa looks more formal and rigid than other materials such as fabric or suede. Meanwhile, for some people, the leather sofa is not the first option because it is less comfortable to sit.

Well, every person held their own opinions and give input on the sofa material. Just make sure that you choose the right material for your room and make sure that you do the regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your sofa last for long time

Garden Stools For Your Outdoor Reading Area

In general, the act of reading is done in an enclosed space. But when you have a garden or patio, this place can also be used as a place to read or outdoor reading area. Because reading outside the house or outdoor reading space can also be done quietly and comfortably. Most importantly the outdoor place has to meet the requirements as a reading room. Don’t forget to put garden stools to create a comfy yet unique feelings of relaxing.

Reading is one of the activities that need a high level of tranquility and

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comfort. Therefore, the most suitable locations or areas for outdoor reading garden or patio are located behind the house. Instead of the front yard, you can choose the backyard since it will not gather the sound that arises from the noise of traffic and passing vehicles.


Unlike garden or terrace that was placed in front of the house, which has the lively and boisterous atmosphere, outdoor reading space should be quiet for you to gather concentration. However that does not mean the garden and front yard absolutely cannot be used as an outdoor reading area. As long as the location of the house isn’t located on the major roads and not much traffic and people passing by, this place can be used as an alternative option.

Garden is one of the perfect examples of outdoor reading area; the atmosphere is really cool and fresh. In the daytime sun exposure can be your friend. The air temperature is also warmer. However, some disadvantages of this place is, excessive sun exposure can also make your eyes hurt.

Therefore, to avoid this issue there should be a large size plant around the reading area with lots of leaf but not easily fall off. This plant serves the shade to avoid sun exposure so that readers can perform activities comfortably. If the leaves fall off easily, it can make the reading area becomes dirty and also interfering the concentration. You will busy pick up the leaves that fall in your book than concentrating on reading, especially if it happens too frequent and numerous, things like this can make you lost your reading moment.

In addition to the plants and the atmosphere, other elements that can make reading more enjoyable are chairs and tables. Choose a chair that can be used to sit comfortably. Do not choose high chair that looks sort of like an office chair because the chair is not nice for sit too long. Choose the most comfortable seating with arm and comfortable height so that the legs can be stretched out.

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Garden Party With outdoor table And Chairs

A garden party can be a memorable one if you make it perfect with the right garden furniture such as outdoor table and chairs. If you own a backyard, instead of making it only for your garden or plain grassy backyard, you can try to make it as fun as possible. Plant beautiful flowers and trees. Choose one good spot to put your garden furniture. This spot also can be used for your garden party. You don’t have to make it expensive, just a simple design still can be decorated nicely for your garden party. Place outdoor tables and chairs on the designated place with flooring. Choose the simplest design, and place it in the simplest order.


Although it is simple, this garden table and chairs appear quite attractive among the green plants around it. Do not forget to give the path to get to the garden party spot, so the grass and plants are not trampled and damaged. Now, you can entertain your friends in a relaxed atmosphere; and it all can be done in your own home garden.

When your garden can be decorated beautifully, the owner will definitely like to linger here. You can start by planting flowers or minimalist trees to make your garden more comfortable. But here are some tips to arrange the garden to look beautiful:

  • Don’t put too close the row of plants. This will make your garden look narrow.
  • It is better to grow plants and put it on a straight line, because the design creates a neat gardens atmosphere.
  • If you buy plants or flowers to your garden, do not select one type. You can put different kinds of plants per group and arrange it neatly.

In the backyard, you can put a set of furniture. You can use this place to chill out area with family members or arrange a garden party like mentioned before.

Having a beautiful garden would be nice as it can use the garden to relieve stress as well as reforestation area. But taking care of a beautiful garden is a work that is a bit of a hassle for you. But if you follow the steps, maintenance activities are no longer too difficult:

  1. The first thing you should do once or twice a day is sweeping the garden from dry leaves that fall or garbage strewn
  2. Clean out the weeds that grow on your favorite plants at least once a month.
  3. Routinely check your plants do not let it die due to pests or less fertilizer.
  4. Water your plants regularly at least once a day.

When you find earthworms do not kill it, leave it alone

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because it is very beneficial to your garden.

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Agio International Patio Furniture

With the increasing growth in property lately, you can see that the house selling business is rocketing. If you’ve seen that a room in your home looks narrow, and unattractive, this time you can try to be able to design your house with a green accent color. Usually the house with the narrow angle is one of the less attractive sides of a house and becoming one declining point when it is on sale later. The design of a house which is visible from several angles will looks more interesting than the narrow one. The concept of a corner of the room is not about make it cramped, that’s why we could try to play a trick on that spot. We could place display decorations with some interior design that looks quite interesting, creating an attractive design view, or even more, we are also able to design a room there, creating a patio with interesting agio patio furniture in it, with some visible display.


One of the best reason why we have to put patio in our house is because there aren’t many city house has a garden. However, if we really want to get the natural green accent color, we can start by making a garden. As we know that garden is a space with natural feel that can give you freshness, not to mention the benefit of green concept for your environment.

Although there are also many people

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who say that the environment on patio room does not have a lot of benefits, but in reality, garden or patio room is a room that can add value to the beauty of your room. For those who do not know, patio is actually a room that was on the outside, generally used for dining or relaxing that for the home owner.

The concept of the patio room is a simple room. The room is usually constructed from building materials such as concrete and stone. The material that is often used is concrete; one of the reasons is because the cost of concrete production is much cheaper. However, there are also variety of material such as brick, paving block, tile, and some other types.

The benefit of the patio room is to provide a room with natural lighting. It will be optimized during the day, especially if it is outdoors, the patio can help to circulate the air flow in

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the house. You can install a ventilation system in this room to complete it.

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Outdoor Storage Bench Seat

Basically, all types of wood can be used as a raw material for making furniture, as long as the wood has a good hardness level (rather than the level of brittleness). Why? Therefore, the wood has a good level of hardness, can be easily processed as cut, carved, sanded and others. So, essentially, any type of wood as long as it has a sufficient level of hardness can be used to make furniture especially outdoor storage bench.


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But, of all hardwood species that exist today, at least there are only 5 types of wood are often used as a raw material to make a wide range of furniture products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, and others. Those five types of wood chosen or used not just because it is easily are processed but also because the quality of the wood and furniture produced later. Those five types of wood that is often used to make furniture include:

  • Teak

It is no secret that this wood is a type of wood that has always been excellent in the world of furniture. Therefore, when viewed from the side of demand, teak wood furniture enthusiasts comes from many side of the world, not only in Indonesia but even up to international level. Known for its strong and durable side, furniture made from teak wood is also has luxurious and elegant impression. The reason is because it has fiber and teak wood grain decorative value. is one of the teak wood companies that sell teak wood in a wide range of choice.

Another wood material that is usually used to make furniture is mahogany. This wood was chosen because the quality is pretty good; the price is also much cheaper when compared to teak. So, in addition to maintaining the quality of the furniture, by using mahogany wood, furniture craftsmen could also savings on production.

  • Rosewood

Rosewood is used by many people because this wood has its own uniqueness. The rosewood has a natural dark color (without any staining). In addition, the furniture that is made using durable rosewood is well known and elegant. Therefore, similar to teak, rosewood also has fiber and a beautiful wood grain or decorative.

  • Acacia Wood

This acacia wood has a color that is almost similar to teak. That’s one of the reasons this wood is widely used by people to make furniture. In addition, although the acacia wood weighs quite heavy but it is also known to be quite durable and strong.

  • Tamarind Wood

Today, the demand for tamarind wood furniture can be fairly high; the demand is not only within the country but also from abroad. Tamarind wood is chosen by the community to make furniture because their stocks in the wild are still high; its timber size is generally large. That is why, most of the design or model highlight the tamarind wood’s thickness.

Teak Patio Furniture Sets

Among furniture lovers, especially teak patio furniture lovers, teak wood is known as the belle of furniture, because teak is famous for its durability, strength, and relatively more resistant to termite attack. In fact, some say that the older the age of teak wood, the better its quality. Not surprisingly, this teak wood furniture was priced at high prices in the market. Why is this so? What makes teak so coveted and making high-value commodities? Why it is hard to find a good price on patio furniture for sale? To answer this, first you have to identify what is teak.


Overview on Teak Wood

Teak wood comes from the teak tree, a tree with firm texture. The teak tree belongs to the family of Verbenaceae. Teak usually live in a tropical area, no wonder, this three is more often found in Southeast Asia which is the origin of this teak trees, particularly Indonesia, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Teak trees can grow tall up to 30-40 m. In addition, its diameter can be enlarged up to 1 to 1.5 meters within the age. The age range of teak tree is long enough, it can reach until hundreds of years. Not surprisingly, for the wood of the teak tree can be used, at least we have to wait for decades.

In the dry season, the tree will shed its leaf as a mechanism for reducing evaporation and keeping the water content of leaves in the tree because in the dry season, the soil will dry out and the tree usually difficult to absorb the water. This process is called molt. To that end, in the dry season usually teak tree will look like dried up and dead. But after entering the rainy season, then leaves will grow back.

Teak Wood as the Main Commodity in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country and it became one of best place to grow teak trees. Not surprisingly, this teak wood became a major commodity that is very important and managed by Perum Perhutani. Typically, this teak tree planted in many areas in Java because the quality of teak grown on the island is very good, especially because of climate conditions, weather and soil conditions that are suitable for growing teak trees. is one of the worldwide teak exporters in Indonesia.

Why Teak Become So Popular?

Teak wood is very famous and popular among businessmen because this wooden furniture is flexible, has a hard and strong texture, and resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, the wood is also quite resistant in the environment with high humidity conditions and not easily attacked by termites. Not surprisingly, this teak wood suitable for use as base material furniture, both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Due to the long growing period, no doubt that teak is priced quite expensive. Thus, the price of teak furniture was exorbitant. Nevertheless, some people still buy it because the wood furniture is not only strong and durable, but also provide prestige and satisfaction to its owner.

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Why Consumers Choose To Buy cheap outdoor furniture online

We will have a little review to buy products online store. Because in this technology era, people access to the internet is vital. The number of internet users make online business opportunities is very promising. It is because opening an online store only requires low budget and this website can be online 24 hours nonstop and gains lots of customers from all over the world. There is a lot of cheap outdoor furniture online shop in the internet world. It offers you discount outdoor furniture, and interesting offer on outdoor furniture sets.


Furniture producers in Jepara was aware with this internet market either. Many of them open their own online shop to introduce their product to global buyers. One of the well known furniture producers who go online is But unfortunately, there are also many bad sellers who deceive buyers. For that you have to be careful in selecting an online furniture store.

Here are some tips in choosing the furniture sellers who are reliable ones:

  1. Be sure that the online shop put their website address clear, you can also find the location from Google Maps.
  2. Make sure the store displays the data of contact clearly.
  3. Ensure that the store is using a paid domain name (e.g.:
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    .com / .net / .org / .biz / / etc.) even though some of free domain names also possible for the reliable stores. However, we recommend you choose the paid domain name.

  4. The price they sell is in the appropriate market price; if it’s too cheap, it might be an element of fraud.
  5. Check the phone number first. Also check for the bank accounts number stated if there was ever a case of fraud.

We hope you can be more careful in choosing the online store furniture or product you want to buy. Online shop is now becoming a new way of getting furniture in cheaper and easiest way. One of the interesting things from online stores is cheaper price and you can get a handmade or special designed product. The fact that it gives you cheap price is practicality be the main cause of the increase of online shopper number. Even so, before you decide to buy, do a price comparison with other online store. No less important is the delivery fee to be paid. Do not let the price of the product even more expensive because of the cost of shipping is too expensive.

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Treatments For Your Deck Furniture

Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the exposure of weather as well as a permanent part of decoration effect. However, should be remembered, furniture

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that already used for certain times will be aging, and began to show vulnerability. Rust, stains, and mildew on your deck chairs, table or lounger, usually are things that annoy you. To overcome the attacks to your favorite deck furniture, you must identify the material used on your furniture; different material will have different ways to treat them.



This furniture is made of rattan, roots, or coated paper and sometimes reinforced with metal. To remove dust and dirt on this kind of furniture, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush -shaped connection to remove the dust or use a dry paint brush. Clean the furniture with a gentle liquid soap. Rub and rinse. However, you have to avoid the use of water that can weaken the strength of the fiber.

Furthermore, dry the furniture. Especially rattan, you need to clean it periodically as rattan materials cannot withstand abrasive treatment.


Except for aluminum, outdoor furniture made of metal can rust so it needs to be coated by varnish, paint or powder coating. To clean it, you can use a gentle liquid soap, brush, rinse, then dry.

To remove rust or mildew, scrub the area gently using smooth-sided sandpaper, wipe clean, and then apply the paint if needed.

Humidity can affect the paint, so it is better to do the painting when the weather is bright. After cleaning, apply a layer of wax with a rag if it is recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture that you buy. Do not forget, check for rust periodically, especially in hidden areas.


Most wood used for outdoor furniture is naturally resistant to decay. To clean stains or moss, mix 3.7 liters of hot water with oxygen bleach powder according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rub the stained area with a fine bristle brush and then rinse.

To remove rust stains or restore the original color, rub the wood using fine sandpaper’s smooth surface through its fiber direction. To protect wooden furniture from ultraviolet rays, dust, and moisture or retain the color, you have to coat the wood. Clean it, and use sandpaper, apply paint if necessary.

Apply wood preservative containing mold resistant substances for transparent or semitransparent stain.


All-weather resin furniture is generally made of plastic, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). To clean it, use a soft liquid and scrub, rinse, then dry.

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