Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the exposure of weather as well as a permanent part of decoration effect. However, should be remembered, furniture

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that already used for certain times will be aging, and began to show vulnerability. Rust, stains, and mildew on your deck chairs, table or lounger, usually are things that annoy you. To overcome the attacks to your favorite deck furniture, you must identify the material used on your furniture; different material will have different ways to treat them.



This furniture is made of rattan, roots, or coated paper and sometimes reinforced with metal. To remove dust and dirt on this kind of furniture, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush -shaped connection to remove the dust or use a dry paint brush. Clean the furniture with a gentle liquid soap. Rub and rinse. However, you have to avoid the use of water that can weaken the strength of the fiber.

Furthermore, dry the furniture. Especially rattan, you need to clean it periodically as rattan materials cannot withstand abrasive treatment.


Except for aluminum, outdoor furniture made of metal can rust so it needs to be coated by varnish, paint or powder coating. To clean it, you can use a gentle liquid soap, brush, rinse, then dry.

To remove rust or mildew, scrub the area gently using smooth-sided sandpaper, wipe clean, and then apply the paint if needed.

Humidity can affect the paint, so it is better to do the painting when the weather is bright. After cleaning, apply a layer of wax with a rag if it is recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture that you buy. Do not forget, check for rust periodically, especially in hidden areas.


Most wood used for outdoor furniture is naturally resistant to decay. To clean stains or moss, mix 3.7 liters of hot water with oxygen bleach powder according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rub the stained area with a fine bristle brush and then rinse.

To remove rust stains or restore the original color, rub the wood using fine sandpaper’s smooth surface through its fiber direction. To protect wooden furniture from ultraviolet rays, dust, and moisture or retain the color, you have to coat the wood. Clean it, and use sandpaper, apply paint if necessary.

Apply wood preservative containing mold resistant substances for transparent or semitransparent stain.


All-weather resin furniture is generally made of plastic, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). To clean it, use a soft liquid and scrub, rinse, then dry.

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