Nowadays, the demand of furniture in the world is getting higher. It’s because furniture is now becoming one part of interior and even exterior design. Furniture seems to complete the design of your room, yard, and your house. The furniture makers and sellers notice this demand and getting more creative on selling their products. Now, you can easily find furniture online shop, both for local and international shipping. Even now, the

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furniture exporters also have their own website to maintain their product and introduce themselves to wider international community.

Most of the furniture online shop and websites nowadays are having outdoor furniture sale, because their customers mostly come from four seasonal countries on Europe, America and certain Asia. The customers like having outdoor furniture on their house because it is durable and

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need minimum care even if they are placed outside the house such as at the front or back yard. One kind of outdoor furniture that is hot on sale right now is the high end outdoor furniture.


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Outdoor furniture usually made from certain wood, especially teak wood. Teak wood is chosen because it’s durability through years and its beautiful natural color. High end outdoor furniture highly depends on this kind of wood. The furniture makers usually use the highest grade of teak wood to have beautiful natural color and strongest durability. The design of outdoor furniture usually isn’t too complicated because it is focused on the strength and usage. However, there’s usually an option from the furniture makers to make it personally designed. However, it usually cost higher because they have to calculate more on the effectively and whether it affects the overall usage.

Customer should be aware of the grade of teak wood to find which one is the right one for them. The highest grade of teak wood for furniture is a Grade A teak wood. It comes from a teak tree with more than ten years old. This kind of teak wood has smoother and softer color, and this kind of teak wood, even without any teak care product or steps, will last long and will change its color from bright brown into natural darker brown due to sun light and rain. It’s really great for high end outdoor furniture material. The other kind of teak wood is the B grade teak wood. It comes from younger teak tree. It has less smoother and softer color than the A grade teak wood, and it usually got painted with teak oil to make the color more natural. This kind of teak wood still can be placed in outdoor area; however, it needs more maintenance care to keep it safe from molding.