Lately the trend for furniture leads to a minimalist model; it is also supported by the growth of property in the country with a form of minimalist and simple house. This is understandable because some will need their furniture adjusted to the form of the house which is minimalist and simple. Some people might be think that minimalist house doesn’t need any garden furniture because there will be large space for the garden. This is a wrong viewpoint, because whether its minimalist or other house forms, garden furniture and its garden décor still one of the most important things about the house.

Minimalist garden furniture is synonymous with the game of colors and additional accessories that are not only wood but also with iron, aluminum, and glass or plastic. Besides the addition of accessories of other materials, minimalist furniture is also synonymous with the attractive color combinations. The uses of primary materials in the minimalist furniture model are more plentiful compared with classic furniture.

Components of accessories that are not wood or particle board are usually used in a particular part of a furniture product. Dining table’s legs, coffee table’s legs, chair’s legs typically use aluminum or iron material. The addition of these variations and artistic value of the product, can add the minimalist concept. Aside variety reason, the combination of these materials also to save some of its main raw material. As known, solid wood raw material is difficult to get today. The combination of these materials is one way to get around this.

But for some people who are fanatic with solid wooden furniture, the product of these materials is not their primary choice. Most people know the quality of teak wood. Even though the material is hard to get nowadays, but there’s no equal quality and value. The A grade teak wood usually comes on high price but if you compare it with its endurance that last for lifetime, people will reconsider using the classic garden décor furniture for their minimalist house.

Minimalist furniture usually uses various types of wood that has a sufficient level of endurance and sometimes even use particle board material. At the end of minimalist furniture that sold is the trendy ones. People probably never imagined that teak wood can be formed into minimalist furniture, but they surely remember the value and quality of teak wood. Most

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teak furniture that is sold today features classic model with natural color of teak wood, instead of looking other furniture that is only nice to see, it’s better to use teak wood furniture with a minimalist model for a smart and valuable choice.

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