In general, the act of reading is done in an enclosed space. But when you have a garden or patio, this place can also be used as a place to read or outdoor reading area. Because reading outside the house or outdoor reading space can also be done quietly and comfortably. Most importantly the outdoor place has to meet the requirements as a reading room. Don’t forget to put garden stools to create a comfy yet unique feelings of relaxing.

Reading is one of the activities that need a high level of tranquility and

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comfort. Therefore, the most suitable locations or areas for outdoor reading garden or patio are located behind the house. Instead of the front yard, you can choose the backyard since it will not gather the sound that arises from the noise of traffic and passing vehicles.


Unlike garden or terrace that was placed in front of the house, which has the lively and boisterous atmosphere, outdoor reading space should be quiet for you to gather concentration. However that does not mean the garden and front yard absolutely cannot be used as an outdoor reading area. As long as the location of the house isn’t located on the major roads and not much traffic and people passing by, this place can be used as an alternative option.

Garden is one of the perfect examples of outdoor reading area; the atmosphere is really cool and fresh. In the daytime sun exposure can be your friend. The air temperature is also warmer. However, some disadvantages of this place is, excessive sun exposure can also make your eyes hurt.

Therefore, to avoid this issue there should be a large size plant around the reading area with lots of leaf but not easily fall off. This plant serves the shade to avoid sun exposure so that readers can perform activities comfortably. If the leaves fall off easily, it can make the reading area becomes dirty and also interfering the concentration. You will busy pick up the leaves that fall in your book than concentrating on reading, especially if it happens too frequent and numerous, things like this can make you lost your reading moment.

In addition to the plants and the atmosphere, other elements that can make reading more enjoyable are chairs and tables. Choose a chair that can be used to sit comfortably. Do not choose high chair that looks sort of like an office chair because the chair is not nice for sit too long. Choose the most comfortable seating with arm and comfortable height so that the legs can be stretched out.

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