Many things need to be considered when arranging the room. The placement of the couch should not be arbitrary. It turns sitting position and habits affect the location of sofa in the room, whether it is indoor or outdoor sofa. Normally sofas arranged to form the letter “L”. Such arrangement usually applied to the family room or living room space, because in that room, people usucropped-w-logo-blue.png

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ally busied themselves with a variety of entertainment. Either by watching television, listening to music, or reading.

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There are rare discussions that are important or official. Moreover, for outdoor sofas, the choices can be difficult because of the outdoor environment is more complicated than the indoor ones.

In the family room, people tend to sit in a relaxed position. Backs against the lower body position and slightly sunk into the couch. They usually sit with leg straightened forward. Sitting position affects the determination of the distance between the couch and coffee table. Therefore, place the coffee table with a distance of approximately 50 cm from the couch. Thus, the space between the two is enough to straighten the legs.

Sofa usually placed in the informal spaces or room, such as the living room, den, or office lobby. In such rooms, people usually sit with the official stance. Body position is more upright, leg was in an upright position. Distance required for the sitting position like this, is about 40 cm. The layout of the couch should not be in an “L” position, but the opposite. Thus the people who are talking to each other can look straight into their eyes.

All types of sofa material have advantages and disadvantages. Actually, any kind of material can be used as long as you know how to take care of it.

Leather sofa is good for attractive display. Therefore, leather material, especially dark color, easier to clean, while the suede material only can be cleaned with a special brush. What about the regular fabric? It can still look beautiful, anyway. The cleaning process for this material is not easy, but not as difficult as suede. The price is cheaper than leather though.

Sofas from fabric material usually are more expensive. But, leather material is way more expensive. Naturally, leather material is known for its robust and durable. Its maintenance is also easy. But, be careful when selecting it. Sometimes, instead cheap leather is easy to peel. In addition, leather sofa looks more formal and rigid than other materials such as fabric or suede. Meanwhile, for some people, the leather sofa is not the first option because it is less comfortable to sit.

Well, every person held their own opinions and give input on the sofa material. Just make sure that you choose the right material for your room and make sure that you do the regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your sofa last for long time