Many ways you can do to be creative on your limited space in an apartment or in a small-sized house, including efforts to bring the garden and even put an outdoor chaise lounge. Things you need to do are compromise with the limited area of the room itself. Consider the following way:

Furniture That Fits

The presence of a garden as relaxing place in your house is necessary. Therefore, the seat becomes an important element in this area. For that, you can choose outdoor chaise lounge made from rattan or teak wood. In contrast to the iron chair, rattan or wooden chair will not get hot in the sun. You can also sit or lounge comfortably on the seat. For cushions, you can choose specific outdoor chaise lounge cushion that is strong against exposure to sunlight and rain, a waterproof cushions might be a good choice for this reason.


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Making a Pergola

To create shade and protection from ultraviolet rays, you can add a pergola. You are also advised to install a curtain around your apartment patio. By installing blackout blinds models, for example, the family and you still get more privacy in the patio area. Planting bamboo plants or makes plants fence can also add to your house design.

The Second Kitchen

Your may consider the presence of a second kitchen in the patio area of the home. For this requirement, you do not need to spend a lot of space, but rather just use the rest of the existing space. You can equip it with various BBQ tools, sink, and a traditional-style dining table for the family.

Variety Pot

Nothing is impossible in the tiny room. If the area is really limited, and may not able to make a garden, provide the plants in pots. You can also try to create a vertical garden with hanging pots. Take advantage of locations around the window to plant a variety

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of crops, or the grip on the railing around the porch, and the walls around your home. You can also make it as decoration in the house. It’s easy, use a glass container, put about 4 cm of sand or rock to the bottom of it. After that, put the soil a few centimeters high. Put the plants that grow slowly, like a succulent.

Landscape Intact

Do not remove the grass, shrubs, and flowers in your home. Despite place it on the roof

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terrace, where the plants can actually lower the temperature of the room below them. However, make sure you provide the water supply and drainage system before planting the grass. However, if you have problem to decide what type of crops you have to grow, you can try planting herbs and medicinal plants, especially herbs and medications that are often used for cooking. In addition to aesthetics, it also brings benefits, isn’t it?