Life based on concise and minimalist modern trend often make young couples in big cities give up the dream of having an open land. Even if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a place to relax in the house, they had to choose, whether to build an outdoor patio, or balcony. Both of them needs a touch of simple furniture as outdoor patio furniture or

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outdoor balcony furniture to make it complete.

Like the other fun things in the world, they rarely can choose both. If they should live in an apartment, balcony is the only option. However, the balcony itself has different characters. The balcony for the first floor and balcony for the 30th floor has different needs. Meanwhile, the idea of having a backyard patio is no less enjoyable.

20140114_143236 tries to answer these doubts. This site is shows the opinion of a real estate broker Gordon Roberts of Warburg Realty stating his prospective that residents must be prepared to pay more for a compromise. Design houses now tend to follow the tastes of the market. So often the charming point or spaces are put outside, attached to the usual or general interior space. Broadly speaking, if you are looking for efficiency and budgets, create open space using “patio” which tend to be cheaper. Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel said a ‘patio’ is a balcony in a ground floor apartment.

In addition to the budget, there are several things that you should also pay attention to, namely privacy and lighting. Having a garden in the open space might be fun. But remember, there are a lot of eyes that can see your activity. Meanwhile, about the lighting, apartments that are located far above the ground floor will be surrounded by structures on various sides. Sunlight will be blocked most of the time.

Moreover, if you plan to have a balcony in an apartment you should always be aware of objects that may accidentally fall from the apartment above you. Damage and leaks in water units can also generate complaints from your neighbors. However, there is a positive side to have an apartment on the upper level with a balcony terrace, it is relatively has fewer pests and rodents than the apartments on the ground floor.

So, if you are eager to have an open space in your property, moreover when you are living in an apartment, above conditions and tips may be helpful. Having a small open space may bring your boring and busy life into something different.

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