Basically, all types of wood can be used as a raw material for making furniture, as long as the wood has a good hardness level (rather than the level of brittleness). Why? Therefore, the wood has a good level of hardness, can be easily processed as cut, carved, sanded and others. So, essentially, any type of wood as long as it has a sufficient level of hardness can be used to make furniture especially outdoor storage bench.


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But, of all hardwood species that exist today, at least there are only 5 types of wood are often used as a raw material to make a wide range of furniture products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, and others. Those five types of wood chosen or used not just because it is easily are processed but also because the quality of the wood and furniture produced later. Those five types of wood that is often used to make furniture include:

  • Teak

It is no secret that this wood is a type of wood that has always been excellent in the world of furniture. Therefore, when viewed from the side of demand, teak wood furniture enthusiasts comes from many side of the world, not only in Indonesia but even up to international level. Known for its strong and durable side, furniture made from teak wood is also has luxurious and elegant impression. The reason is because it has fiber and teak wood grain decorative value. is one of the teak wood companies that sell teak wood in a wide range of choice.

Another wood material that is usually used to make furniture is mahogany. This wood was chosen because the quality is pretty good; the price is also much cheaper when compared to teak. So, in addition to maintaining the quality of the furniture, by using mahogany wood, furniture craftsmen could also savings on production.

  • Rosewood

Rosewood is used by many people because this wood has its own uniqueness. The rosewood has a natural dark color (without any staining). In addition, the furniture that is made using durable rosewood is well known and elegant. Therefore, similar to teak, rosewood also has fiber and a beautiful wood grain or decorative.

  • Acacia Wood

This acacia wood has a color that is almost similar to teak. That’s one of the reasons this wood is widely used by people to make furniture. In addition, although the acacia wood weighs quite heavy but it is also known to be quite durable and strong.

  • Tamarind Wood

Today, the demand for tamarind wood furniture can be fairly high; the demand is not only within the country but also from abroad. Tamarind wood is chosen by the community to make furniture because their stocks in the wild are still high; its timber size is generally large. That is why, most of the design or model highlight the tamarind wood’s thickness.