A garden party can be a memorable one if you make it perfect with the right garden furniture such as outdoor table and chairs. If you own a backyard, instead of making it only for your garden or plain grassy backyard, you can try to make it as fun as possible. Plant beautiful flowers and trees. Choose one good spot to put your garden furniture. This spot also can be used for your garden party. You don’t have to make it expensive, just a simple design still can be decorated nicely for your garden party. Place outdoor tables and chairs on the designated place with flooring. Choose the simplest design, and place it in the simplest order.


Although it is simple, this garden table and chairs appear quite attractive among the green plants around it. Do not forget to give the path to get to the garden party spot, so the grass and plants are not trampled and damaged. Now, you can entertain your friends in a relaxed atmosphere; and it all can be done in your own home garden.

When your garden can be decorated beautifully, the owner will definitely like to linger here. You can start by planting flowers or minimalist trees to make your garden more comfortable. But here are some tips to arrange the garden to look beautiful:

  • Don’t put too close the row of plants. This will make your garden look narrow.
  • It is better to grow plants and put it on a straight line, because the design creates a neat gardens atmosphere.
  • If you buy plants or flowers to your garden, do not select one type. You can put different kinds of plants per group and arrange it neatly.

In the backyard, you can put a set of furniture. You can use this place to chill out area with family members or arrange a garden party like mentioned before.

Having a beautiful garden would be nice as it can use the garden to relieve stress as well as reforestation area. But taking care of a beautiful garden is a work that is a bit of a hassle for you. But if you follow the steps, maintenance activities are no longer too difficult:

  1. The first thing you should do once or twice a day is sweeping the garden from dry leaves that fall or garbage strewn
  2. Clean out the weeds that grow on your favorite plants at least once a month.
  3. Routinely check your plants do not let it die due to pests or less fertilizer.
  4. Water your plants regularly at least once a day.

When you find earthworms do not kill it, leave it alone

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