When you are planning to buy furniture to fill the empty space in your home, it is better if you first find out carefully what kind of furniture you need. After that, there is also a good idea if you consider what furniture materials you prefer to be placed in the room of your home or for your outdoor furniture, whether it is a wooden furniture, iron furniture, aluminum furniture, or outdoor wicker furniture. For each of these materials have its own advantages and drawbacks of their own. This time, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of wicker outdoor furniture that can be a consideration point for you:

outdoor wicker furniture

The Advantage of Wicker Furniture:

  • Price: Wicker furniture is in great demand by the public, either because they are cheaper than the price of solid wood furniture and their modern design.
  • Diverse or Fashionable Design: Wicker furniture has always had a special attraction. The wicker furniture has a very diverse design variations and always interesting to watch. Wicker furniture can be made with a variety of models in accordance with the trend at that time such as minimalist design, webbing design, or futuristic design.
  • Easy To Be Moved: Unlike solid wood furniture which is pretty heavy, wicker furniture’s weight is much lighter so that it is very easy to be moved.

However, there are also some weaknesses on wicker furniture you have to know.

The Disadvantage of Wicker Furniture:

  • The Level of Durability: Generally, wicker furniture is less durable than wooden furniture, which is very susceptible to insect destroyer. In addition, wicker furniture is less appropriate when used in places exposed to excessive heat of the sun or in places that are in direct contact with the ground because it will shorten its lifetime.
  • Construction: In general, when compared with wooden furniture, wicker furniture construction is still less robust (more easily broken).
  • Hygiene Problems: The wicker furniture design will certainly have a lot of holes, and it will be the right spot for dust. For those of you who do not have much time to take care of your home furniture, obviously this will be a problem, because if it is not cleaned of course the beauty of the furniture will be reduced.

When you already aware with the advantages and disadvantages of the furniture material you wish to buy, it will be easier for you to decide which one is the best for your plan. However, make sure that you also learn about the maintenance steps for your furniture to make sure it will last long enough and still beautiful as a decorative side of your house. www.jeparaproduction.com is one of the furniture online shops that offer you all variety of outdoor furniture. Buying your furniture from the trusted seller is one of the point key for good quality furniture, whatever material you have chosen.

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