School days might be the best moment we ever had in life. After we enter our adulthood, school days might be one of the memorable moments we want to rewind. In that case, if you missed school days, especially during the first meal at the cafeteria, it might be a good idea to design your dining room into a school cafeteria concept. If you want to design a dining room made ​​to look like a school canteen, the steps are quite easy and simple. You might be want to combine the idea about your patio space by turning your patio bar into dining table, and it will be more better if you use the whole patio bar set and turn it into dining set with school environment on it. If you have no idea where to buy the patio bar set, you don’t have to worry. There is a lot of patio furniture on sale around your area, or you can even buy it online nowadays, for example, on

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Dining table that is used for school cafeteria usually a long dining table with a long seat like the one you see in beach, picnic area, or gardens. Actually, the concept of a dining room with school cafeteria concept is togetherness. That’s why long tables and seats are used. However, you also can use your patio bar with long width to meet the concept. To change the long chair, you can use bar stool that is place side by side with other stools. It gives the sense of closeness between seat so the environment will be warmer and closer. This kind of environment offers the owner the freedom feeling, you can talk and have a chit chat while eating your meal.

By adding a lounger on your dining room, then you will provide an eclectic touch to the room. Moreover you do not have to worry about a shortage seats when there are many guests who come, because this couch can accommodate 3-4 people.

In addition it can also remind you of your school cafeteria atmosphere first. This kind of design and idea will be great for a house for big family. It also a good idea if you often held family gathering or friendly meeting. The togetherness you feel during your free time at school can be rewind and felt during the dining time, put you closer to the ones you care.