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If traced its history, usage of accent exterior patio in the home has been going on since the 15th century BC, starting from Egypt and other desert regions. This is in anticipation of the local community at that time so their garden won’t be drought by the heat if it placed outside the home area, and besides, the garden inside the house gives cooler effect. Many of these gardens were built in countries like Persia and Greece. From the early days, it is believed to be the most beautiful garden and still widely known today; one of its examples is the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

In modern times, patio has been widely used as a complement of residential architecture, but this is not just to follow the trend. Tropical regions have its own peculiarities, which are rich in sunlight and temperatures tend to be warmer. Therefore, the use of the patio is perfect for tropical homes.

Not only to make the house look beautiful and comfortable, with a patio, you can have more natural lighting and therefore can save electrical energy consumption. The presence of patio also makes a direct air flow from outside and it can make you breathe healthier air. Another function of patio that is important is to integrate the space inside the house with outside space, especially if no partition found.

Keen to make a patio in your home? Do not worry about the cost and land requirements. Currently, many patios come with variation that lets you create a “mini paradise” without large cost, luxurious trinkets, or large areas of soil. Patio area can be at the center of the house or at backyard, with mini garden furniture such as patio tables and patio chairs, or broader patio which equipped with

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you want a simple patio, just place variety of potted plants or miniature fountain in the area you want. Good luck!

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