Patio area is the place to welcoming the guest in the outside the area of home; modern terrace design should reflect the house environment and being comfortable, it should look beautiful and tidy although guests have not been entered. Modern terrace style is usually not too crowded, but has a feeling of spacey and comfortable. Terrace design can be left blank or use customized furnishings, such as patio bench or even patio benches. You can do almost anything to design the spacious space owned by the terrace. Minimalist terrace design can also be made as a place to sit in front of the house, especially if the size is not extensive or if the terrace is in front of the door.


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Seating Design for Minimalist Terrace

Modern minimalist terrace design could be a place to sit in front of the house by installing a simple furniture; chairs and tables. Typically, patio chair has a simple design, suitable for modern minimalist house that size is not too large. Seating furniture that is suitable for terrace space is the one that does not cover the terrace door. A pair of patio chairs can be made from rattan, metal or wood, and a small table is standard patio furniture for minimalist design.

However, if the terrace is quite spacey, you can also add a sofa lounger, especially the type called patio sofa, designed to be placed on the patio. It’s become quite comfortable seating in front of the house, especially if there is a garden in front of the patio.

Unfurnished Patio Minimalist Design

If your patio is not spacey enough and there is no longer space that is wide enough to put the seat without blocking the path to the door, the patio is usually left blank. This is because the furniture like patio chairs will give cramp impression to the guess, and make them not interested in entering your patio. Typically, a narrow terrace space is found in a modern minimalist house that is utilizing the house space as effectively as possible to provide an appropriate space to live in.

To outsmart, you can add sets in a terrace at the side or the rear spot, so there are places to sit outside the house. Modern minimalist terrace design must be adapted to the design of the home, and it can be furnished or left blank. The main point is to make sure that the terrace is beautify your home and add interesting space in your house, no matter the size is.