If you hear the word “patio” for the first time, you may feel confused. But, if it is interpreted as a garden or backyard you definitely are not confused anymore. Patio is come from the Spanish language; it means a garden or backyard. The patio is not new for many architects to implement it in a residential area for a variety of outdoor activities with family. By applying the residential patio, you can get a more natural lighting, saving electricity consumption, air circulation runs more smoothly, as well as integrating space inside and outside and vice versa. If at this time, you are interested in patio, here are 5 simple tips that you can apply, and don’t worry; you can easily find the stuff to fill your patio in your nearest patio furniture clearance sale.


Comfortable With Water

Water always brings an aura of calm and peace. Be sure to add the element of water on your patio. Add a medium-sized water park in the patio, so it can add relaxing and comforting atmosphere when you stay in patio. Complete it with a small circulation pump so that you can enjoy the gurgling sound of water flowing from the rocks or bamboo spout.

Shade and Conditioning

One of the stipulations of a cozy patio is the shade of trees. But if you do not have large shade trees, consider building a patio under a canopy. When the weather is hot, enjoy the occasional sunny breezy afternoon on the patio. Alternatively, you can add a few favorite plants around the patio. When the summer is longer than usual, bright colorful flowers and foliage they will increase the coolness of patio.

A Touch of Scent

Consider aromatic plants in your patio. Don’t underestimate the power of aroma, because when you’re relaxing on the patio at the weekend, the fragrant and delicate plant is able to add to the relaxation you need. The fragrance of aromatic plants will greet you when relaxing on the patio.

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Combine fragrances of your favorite flowers and plants in the patio, enjoy the experience of “scentsational ” for you and your guests.

Cover with Pergola

Reconciling the hot summer with the outside atmosphere can be done with pergola. Pergola helps deliver cool, distant shade for your patio atmosphere. For example, when you have barbecue party in the backyard, you just add some container or containers containing long lush plants to decorate it. Do not forget; choose furniture that is resistant so that the atmosphere can be more durable. Add flower arrangements for table decoration from your own garden to add to the lively atmosphere.

The carpet in the Patio

Spread out a rug on the patio! It would be better if you choose a high quality carpet, weather resistant and can be used outdoors. Carpets are available in various colors and styles, so you can choose according to your personal taste. Would be a brilliant idea if you choose carpet made from recycled materials and environmentally friendly.

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