Human is said to be a social creatures, but in reality, it is not one hundred percent describe it. City dwellers are not indifferent to each other; the neighbors did not know each other. In fact, the closeness between individuals does not always carry a negative thing. Do you know that the way you decorate your house, especially your front yard can add the closeness between neighbors? For example, putting patio swing in your front yard makes you meet your neighbors more frequently? You will never imagine that things in furniture shop can bring you closer to the neighborhood.

Mutual care between neighbors, for example, been shown to have positive effects; especially, in response to important matters such as disaster management, as well as keeping the home environment from crime. One way you can do to open up on neighbor and engage in social activity can be started with beautify your patio. For start up, make patio as comfortable as possible. Spend a lot of time on the patio for relaxing, reading, or beautify the park.


After that, start spending time with your neighbors on the patio swing. Conversations can flow little by little between you and the neighbors.

“See -through” Barrier

One of the most effective ways to reduce constraints and indifference between neighbors is tear down the concrete barriers between the home which usually very high. Instead of using high concrete, mix a concrete barrier with various see through materials. Use vine leaves, wicker, or wood with holes made to “continue” the concrete.

Add Expansive Patio

Try to increase the area of the patio. Make sure you use the same flooring material with outdoor flooring. Actually, you can also experiment with different materials to create contrast with a terrace that has been built previously. However, this requires the addition of quite a lot of construction. Therefore, do not forget to ask your local government approval before you decide to add a deck on the front terrace.


the patio is made larger, you can put a few chairs and tables. Try to use a simple set of table and chairs. If necessary, also include a gorgeous patio swing as extra seating.

Tiny Yard

This third way is relatively easier than the previous methods. You just need to cultivate and beautify existing yard, no matter how small it is in size. You can cover some of the yard with large rocks. After that, place table and chairs on it. You can also decorate the yard with a small fountain or small pond.

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