Having a patio in your home is a good thing, because not only aesthetically, but functionally you can also take advantage of the patio to relax with the family. Patio often predicted as landscape elements that are multi-functional. However, ordinary people rarely know what exactly a patio is. They usually only put a patio table and chairs. That’s why, let’s learn some more about the patio, like what does it do, and how to make a simple patio in your home. If you understand more about a patio, you will have more ideas to place and put the right patio furniture, such as patio tables, patio chairs, and swing benches to your like.

The patio is a yard located in the center or in the home. Initially, the patio was first used by people who live in areas with extreme temperatures as hot as the desert. Patio is one of solutions to bring the house freshness because patio usually contains plants, which is able to ward off the dry desert climate. Small garden equipped with seating and tables designed in such a way to prevent the heat, and the plants are grown out of the park protected from the extreme desert weather.

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Over time, the people in dense urban also use patio. Not only patio in terms of its function, but also as a lifestyle concept that is reflected through the house built. Various forms of patio were developed in line with the expansion of the functions of this oasis in the house. Patio not only serves as a carrier in the middle of crowded urban life that demands a fresh escape. More than that, the patio is used as a refuge for a breath of freshness, relax, reflect, and even a gathering place for families.

Thus, it is common to furnish patio with

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a sitting area or seating and a small table. Some people complete the “nest” with a small magazine, television, and aromatherapy candles. They make the patio as personal as possible and as comfortable as possible, all that is

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done just to make the patio more comfortable and fresh. The patio for modern time like this is more than just a part of house design but the important part for self-relaxing during days-off. Patio will be more important for working people who live in the city, who will keep themselves relax after their working time, so they will find a balance life within their time.