Patio furniture is something that is widely used and appreciated during summer when we all leave our homes to enjoy the natural air and the beauty of the pond; however, with summer comes the sun, which we all know is not good for our skin when it’s directly exposed. To avoid serious damage which can lead premature aging and serious diseases, patio umbrellas is a must in a furniture world.

Today, with the vast selection available in the market, has become more difficult to choose the right furniture easily; however, you will surely find the exact furniture patio

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umbrella to match your design style and your environment. Here are some tips:


  • Location – The first thing that one should consider is where the patio will be placed; is it on your terrace or backyard? This will help you decide on the size. There are two types of patio furniture with umbrellas – one with hole that passes through the center of table with umbrellas, which are typically very large and can cover large areas; and another one with separate umbrella which known as freestanding umbrella.
  • Umbrella stand – this will be determined by the type of umbrella you want. If you choose an umbrella that passes table, it can give additional support for the table, but if it is a free standing umbrella it will come with a heavy stand which can withstand all types of weather or wind.
  • Umbrella frame – there are two types of umbrella frames: wood and metal. Selecting one of them will mainly depend on the type of furniture you have in your patio.
  • Tilt umbrella patio furniture – you will be given a choice of three methods of tilt: collar tilt, crank tilt and push button tilt. It is, of course, more likely depends on your own personal taste.
  • Materials – this is important depends on
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    the use of the umbrella. The most commonly used materials are PVC, canvas, and fabrics. PVC is probably the best option because it blocks 100% UV rays and most durable; while others are not far behind, once again, the choice of material ultimately a matter of preference.

There is no terrace or backyard complete without patio furniture with umbrellas, not only because it is important for you to protect your health from harmful sun rays, but also the fact that it protects other furniture from premature weather damage. Have a great summer in the shade of your patio umbrella!

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