The beauty of a garden does not necessarily depend on its size. Although it only has limited space, you can make the garden tidier. Here’s how to make a small garden outside and in most areas in the home collected from various sources. Before you start buying equipment and plant seeds, do the preparation beforehand. Consider the area you want to change into garden, note the size, shape, and character. If necessary, measure the area. This measurement is important so that you can adjust the position of the plants. Don’t forget to start planning what kind of outdoor furniture you want to add in your garden. For some people, porch swings are the best choice out there. It gives you a personal space in your garden, and as one of relaxing area in your house.

Making a simple sketch can also facilitate you to organize the garden. Then, consider the climate and the amount of sunlight spotlight. Make sure there is a shady area to put plants that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. If it is still possible to plant directly in the ground, make sure you check the type of soil you will use. If the soil is not fertile, you need fertilize it first.

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However, if it is not possible to put all the plants in the ground, you can still use the pot.


Take advantage of the space you have as good as possible by arranging plants vertically. Put pots of plants on the surface of the stairs, shelves, cabinets, even chairs that are not used. Then, be sure you have room to put the gardening tools and make walking paths in the garden area.

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garden area, you can use the terrace, in an area near the entrance, and windows of the house to put the plant. Take advantage of the empty areas as gardens. It will look fresh, and more beautiful.

When arranging the plants, use perspective. Put the bigger and brighter plants in the area closest to you. Instead, use plants with softer colors and more slender in a position away from you. This method is able to give the illusion that your garden is larger.

Do not forget; also create a focal point in any garden area. You can use the plant with striking color, unique shape, small fountain, or put a small chair or porch swings to relax.

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