Round Table For Your Minimalist Patio- Jepara Indonesia (02/12). When we talk about The outside of the house of course we can not simply abandoned its design. That is why, landscape designing techniques need to be applied to make it look beautiful and gorgeous. Also, it will make you and your family will be happy when it went into the house with a wonderful view. One way to make the outdoor look better is to make a patio. Patio is an outdoor area of the home that can be used for dining, recreation and other activities adjacent to the residence.

Generally, patio made of stone or

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paving with concrete, but also can be made of wood to provide a modern and contemporary look. Garden patio surrounded by plants and other landscape features In order to degin patio to look beautiful, there are a few easy tricks.surely, after a patio ready you want to make it convenient for you and your guests you.You may want to bring the style of the inside decoration to be applied to the space outside the house with the repetition of colors and styles of furniture. Putting Round patio table at your patio could be the alternative to beautify your patio.


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Round table chosen because this tables are so simple and very efficient place. Because of its shape does not have an angle, allowing the table like this can be put anywhere.

The round table is very effectively used. besides it has unique shape, it also has many uses. Round table suitable for small rooms. This forms a table suitable for narrow space and do not have sharp corners. This table can contain more people because it does not have a corner. Choose a table with pedestal legs (one leg) because it offers more space for the feet. You can choose a transparent acrylic seat to show the beauty of the table and make a small room look more spacious. Besides

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easy to be moved another advantages of this round table is to make a space look sweeter and nice look. It look tiny and bring a unique impression at your patio.

The choosing of the material of furniture is one thing that must be considered, because the weather influences such as moisture, heat, and exposed to rain is likely to result in damage to your patio furniture, to anticipate that you should give priority to the furniture which has the form of a hard wearing, such as wood, metal, wicker and plastic. To look for the type of wood durability guaranteed quality wood like teak.