Jepara – Swing Garden : Sweet accessory for your garden (02/20). Garden be made with the purpose as a

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refreshment area. garden identically looked beautiful and has nice,fresh and peace atmosphere. We usually go to the garden to get fresh air and relaxing mind. Therefore, it would be nice if at home we provided a special area for the green area. For those who have a small yard, minimalist garden can be your choice. Actually, the garden does not have a large or widespread. If laid out with neat and attractive, small garden can meet our need for refreshment.The location of the garden is not has to be in the front or in the back yard. Inside of the house or everyside we can create a beautiful garden setting. One of the complements of a home, we all must have familiar with Garden swing. And surely everybody will love it especially kids.

Even sometimes when playing in the garden, or if there is a swing at home we can enjoy it. But this one is a complement to the park is less familiar to some type and kind of garden. But if you want to put a swing that will be used as a place to relax in the garden is fine.


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The garden wont look empty, with the addition of accessorie. A swing placed to fulfill these functions. The swings have been able to double as an accessory and for playing. Swing garden can also be used to just sit around relaxing for grandpa.

The swing can be the main accesorry in the garden. Believe it or not, if someone enters the house which is there got swings, then it is certainly the first attention will focus on the swing rather than the garden set itself. In addition as a complement to the garden, swings is also one type of thing that until now still popular. Not only loved by children, even

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older peole, adults and adolescents remain fan. The swing has always looked stunning to those everyone who see it. it has always been good just to feel the sensation of swinging high or just a light swinging in the park. With its colors that appear on the swing, it can add to the splendor of a garden. Moreover, if the garden has less flower

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so the swing can attrac our attentiont.

Here are some tips in applying swing as garden accessories :

  • To make it proportional, adjust the size of the swing with wide garden area.
  • Adjust material and garden style swing models. Wooden swing suitable for tropical themed garden. While iron swing with ornaments suitable for classic-style garden.
  • Layer the swing with coating material to make it is durable and resistant to the weather changes.
  • For routine maintenance, the swing can be cleaned using a dry cloth once a week.