Among furniture lovers, especially teak patio furniture lovers, teak wood is known as the belle of furniture, because teak is famous for its durability, strength, and relatively more resistant to termite attack. In fact, some say that the older the age of teak wood, the better its quality. Not surprisingly, this teak wood furniture was priced at high prices in the market. Why is this so? What makes teak so coveted and making high-value commodities? Why it is hard to find a good price on patio furniture for sale? To answer this, first you have to identify what is teak.


Overview on Teak Wood

Teak wood comes from the teak tree, a tree with firm texture. The teak tree belongs to the family of Verbenaceae. Teak usually live in a tropical area, no wonder, this three is more often found in Southeast Asia which is the origin of this teak trees, particularly Indonesia, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Teak trees can grow tall up to 30-40 m. In addition, its diameter can be enlarged up to 1 to 1.5 meters within the age. The age range of teak tree is long enough, it can reach until hundreds of years. Not surprisingly, for the wood of the teak tree can be used, at least we have to wait for decades.

In the dry season, the tree will shed its leaf as a mechanism for reducing evaporation and keeping the water content of leaves in the tree because in the dry season, the soil will dry out and the tree usually difficult to absorb the water. This process is called molt. To that end, in the dry season usually teak tree will look like dried up and dead. But after entering the rainy season, then leaves will grow back.

Teak Wood as the Main Commodity in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country and it became one of best place to grow teak trees. Not surprisingly, this teak wood became a major commodity that is very important and managed by Perum Perhutani. Typically, this teak tree planted in many areas in Java because the quality of teak grown on the island is very good, especially because of climate conditions, weather and soil conditions that are suitable for growing teak trees. is one of the worldwide teak exporters in Indonesia.

Why Teak Become So Popular?

Teak wood is very famous and popular among businessmen because this wooden furniture is flexible, has a hard and strong texture, and resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, the wood is also quite resistant in the environment with high humidity conditions and not easily attacked by termites. Not surprisingly, this teak wood suitable for use as base material furniture, both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Due to the long growing period, no doubt that teak is priced quite expensive. Thus, the price of teak furniture was exorbitant. Nevertheless, some people still buy it because the wood furniture is not only strong and durable, but also provide prestige and satisfaction to its owner.

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