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    BRITAIN is a popular tourist place. But tours of the country have pros and cons.

    Good news

    Free museums .No charge for outstanding collections of art and antiquities .

    Pop music .Britain is the only country to rival(與……比敵)the US on this score.

    Black cabs .London taxi drivers know where they are going even if there are never enough of them at weekends of night.

    Choice of food .Visitors can find everything from Ethiopian to Swedish restaurants.

    Fashion .Not only do fashion followers love deeply and respect highly brand names such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen; street styles are justly loved, too.

    Bad news

    Poor service .“ It’s part of the place .People can dine out on the rudeness they have experienced,” says Professor Tony Seaton, of Luton University’s International Tourism Research Center.

    Poor public transport .Trains and buses promised to defeat the keenest tourists, although the over-crowded London tube is unbelievable popular.

    Lack of languages .Speaking slowly and clearly may not get many foreign visitors very far, even in the tourist traps.

    Rain .Still in the number one complaint.

    No air-conditioning .So that even splendidly hot summers become as unbearable as the down-pours.

    Overpriced hotels .The only European country with a higher rate of tax on hotel rooms is Denmark.

    Licensing hours .Alcohol(酒)is in short supply after 11p.m .even in “24-hour cities.”

    56. What do tourists complain most?

        A. Poor service .                   B. Poor public transport 

        C. Rain .                        D. Overpriced hotels.

    57. What do we learn about pop music in Britain and the US through this passage?

        A. Pop music in Britain is better than that in the US.

        B. Pop music in Britain is as good as that in the US.

        C. Pop music in Britain is worse than that in the US.

        D. Pop music in Britain is quite different from that in the US.

    58. When is alcohol not able to get easily?

        A. At 9:00 p.m .    B. At 10:00 p.m .  C. At 11:00 p.m .   D. At 12:00 p.m .

    59. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

        A. You have to pay to visit the museums.  B. It’s very cheap to travel by taxi there.

        C. You cannot find Chinese food there.  D. The public transport is poor there.


    第二節 完型填空(共20小題;每小題1.5分,滿分30分)


    After graduation from college, I started to sell. Soon I discovered that the  36   expression I had been wearing since childhood meant sure  37  . I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to  38   that expression on my face left by so many years of hardship. It  39   a complete change in my view on life. Here is the  40   I tried.

    Each morning during a fifteen – minute bath, I  41   to cultivate (培養) a big, happy smile. I found out,  42  , that it couldn’t be a forced smile  43   just for the purpose of putting dollars in my  44  . It had to be an honest – to – goodness smile from down deep  45  , an outward expression of happiness from within!

    Let’s see  46 starting off with a good fifteen–minute workout of the smile muscles 47  me during the day. Before entering an office I  48  think of the many things I had to be 49 for, work up a big smile and then enter. Seldom did it fail to get the same smile  50  from the person I met. I also found that it  51   people when I passed them on the street to give them a  52   smile.

    Give every living shoul you meet the best smile you have  53   smiled in your life, and see how much better you  54   and look. It’s one of the best ways I know to  55   worrying, and start living. When I began doing this. I found I became more welcome everywhere.

    36. A. happy         B. worried        C. curious        D. surprised

    37. A. success         B. friendship      C. failure         D. wealth

    38. A. wear           B. show          C. change       D. see

    39. A. made up       B. brought in      C. turned over    D. called for

    40. A. way           B. example       C. idea          D. thought

    41. A. determined     B. hurried         C. failed         D. pretended

    42. A. therefore       B. however       C. instead        D. Otherwise

    43. A. introduced     B. developed     C. discovered     D. left

    44. A. opinion        B. honor          C. bill            D. pocket

    45. A. outside         B. upward        C. inside         D. forward

    46. A. when          B. how           C. whether       D. why

    47. A. helped         B. upset          C. satisfied       D. disappointed

    48. A. could          B. might          C. should         D. would

    49. A. ready          B. eager         C. thankful       D. famous

    50. A. in general      B. in public       C. in return       D. in advance

    51. A. greeted        B. pleased        C. puzzled        D. welcomed

    52. A. cheerful        B. forced         C. strange        D. bitter

    53. A. never          B. just            C. already       D. ever

    54. A. prove          B. appear        C. feel           D. remain

    55. A. keep           B. stop           C. hate          D. protect


    35. I would appreciate    if you come to my grandma’s birthday party and say “Hello” to her.

        A. that           B. it              C. you           D. her


    34. Not only     give people relaxation and pleasure, but     increase their knowledge of any kind.

        A. can travel; it can               B. travel can; can it C. can travel; can it D. travel can; it can


    33. To all the famous artists’ surprise, the unknown woman’s two      paintings are also on show in the art exhibition.

        A. little blue oil    B. blue little oil    C. oil blue little    D. little oil blue


    32. --- Shall we meet tonight?

       --- Sorry, I’m busy. How about     day?

        A. every other     B. the other       C. any other      D. some other


    31. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls is a great tourist    , drawing millions of visitors every year.

        A. attention      B. attraction      C. appointment   D. arrangement


    30. Tom, turn down the music. Why you make such a big noise while your baby sister is sleeping?

        A. could         B. would         C. should         D. must


    29. --- How can you use my computer without my permission?

       --- Oh, I     to tell you. I hope you don’t mind.

        A. forget         B. forgot          C. had forgotten  D. am forgetting


    28. It is a good idea to ask for a map at the information center,     may prove to be very useful before you start your tour of the museum.

        A. where         B. which         C. who          D. that


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