Choosing outdoor furniture it is not as easy as it sound. Not just any chairs and tables can be placed on the patio, garden, gazebo, or under the pergola. As the time goes by, in a short period of tables and chairs were broken weather eroded. For natural tropical weather volatile material selection should be considered basic furniture. the material that is the thing should be considered for choosing outdoor furniture especially Garden bench plan.

types of materials can be difficult to determine for its maintain. Chairs and tables made of iron is avoided since it is easily corroded. Therefore, in treatment must be repainting within a specified period. Rattan also should not be placed on the terrace or garden. Typically rattan can not stand the heat and exposed to continuous rain, they usually will look cracked.


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among the best materials to be used as outdoor furniture is teak wood and wood Nyatoh. Because the furniture made from teak wood and wood looks more natural,especially Nyatoh wood is more durable. Two types of wood is not quickly broken though stung by the sun and in the rain. From its increasingly hardened though exposed to water, and the teak wood Nyatoh chosen as the most suitable material for outdoor furniture. for any treatment furniture made from teak wood and wood Nyatoh also very

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easy. Provided that the furniture is made of solid wood simply by using teak oil.

In the outdoor, chairs, benches, and tables made of teak wood and wood Nyatoh generally can last up to eight years without a loss. Since the first Nyatoh teak wood and is commonly used as an ingredient to make the home stage. Treating outdoor furniture is very different from the inside. The use of varnishes, for example. Varnishes are commonly used for the

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furniture to make it look more beautiful with gloss effect was not suitable for outdoor furniture. Giving varnishes on furniture will not make it beautiful even would make it worse.

Usually furniture varnishes would be quicker to look dull and often damaged when exposed to water and moist air. When exposed to water varnishes usually he would quickly leave the white patches are too long can flake off, Because of its natural prosess the varnishes will fade away, chairs should be placed outside the home should appear as it is. The addition of a pillow or other ornaments made of foam and fabric is not recommended.