Chairs is furniture that have quite vital existence. In addition to supporting the functioning of our body when sitting, the chair also provide its own aesthetic value for its users. Based on the function, we know dining chairs, guest chairs, office chairs, recliners, rocking chairs, sofas, and so on. if based on its shape, then we know the short seats, seat long, folding chairs and other chairs are uniquely shaped. And the other is ball chairs. If you are looking for Unique patio furniture then ball chairs could be alternative for you.

Nowadays, people are required to think creatively. The ball seat is the result of a creative process. Ball chair is a chair that shapes and motifs like the ball. Ball motif commonly used among soccer ball motif, basketball, rugby, and so on. Ball for child seats are standard, have an average size of 114 cm x 112 cm x 71 cm and is able to sustain a load of up to weighing 110 kg. If for adults, with a ball seat Larger sizes can withstand loads up to 250 kg. Seat Such balls are usually filled with air that can be pumped. The material itself is usually made of rubber, which is soft and comfortably occupied.


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Ball chair can be used by children or adults. One of the pleasures of the ball is able to seat

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performed in a trending position, sit upright, half lying, or while sleeping. Ball chair is also very suitable if placed in the family room or your child’s room. display room or rooms will be more interesting with the presence of a chair this one is unique upon it. Especially to those who like football or basketball. The more fitting it if watching the game football or basketball on the television while sitting on a chair This ball. For those of you who are looking for a gift for a child or person adults who like a ball, ball chair can be an alternative option for you or looking for unique outdoor furnitures With prices to suit satisfaction obtained, you will not be disappointed buying this ball chair. Becaus ethis chair is so comfortable to use and very suit to put as patio furnitures.

Nowadays, a lot of ball seats are sold online, with prices and material varies. But keep in mind when buy ball chair is the quality of materials used. Make sure the quality is good so that the seat will be durable.