Patio is a space that is located in front of the house and usually used to receive guests who only visit for a few minutes. However, patio is not only located in front of the house, you can also place it next to the house. If you place the patio next to the house, it is usually serves as a gathering place for the whole family, as well as a place to relax or quiet place to read. This space also needs furniture as decoration and filling. Wood patio furniture is one of the must have thing to owned for your patio space. Wood patio furniture usually consists of wooden benches or chairs and table. Wood benches, chairs and table are the best material available.


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Due to the location of the patio which is outside the house, you need to be careful in the selection of the exterior design, as this will determine the overall look of the house. The first thing to consider in creating the exterior design

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for patio is adjust the style and design of the main house design. The precision of style and design between the main house and the patio aims to make the whole house look harmonious and beautiful.

As conveyed before, patio needs furniture and accessories such as chairs and tables. If you are a garden lover then you can use the bench as you can see in the public parks, as well as adding some plants in small pots. Or if you prefer, you can add the art objects that have aesthetic value, such as abstract sculpture, carving, and so on. Patio furniture and accessories in the home can serve to enhance the aesthetic value of a dwelling and can eliminate the impression of cold atmosphere.

Patio design should consider the colors you use. This must be adapted to the colors that you and your family like. Discuss with your family, because your home will be occupied by you and your family.

Patio is the connector between the inside of the house with a yard. Patio can be in front or behind, depends on its usage. Patio that is placed in front of the house usually used as a place to welcoming guests, meanwhile the back patio is generally used for personal relaxing space. Both of them are very important for your house as you can make it functional without leaving the aesthetics value in it.