Every home must have longed for an ideal kitchen. But unlike what people usually think, having an ideal kitchen is not about the size, that’s why, ideal kitchen is not always the large one. Even small-sized kitchen, with careful structuring, and maximize the benefits of all corner of the room, will create comfort, the first priority to create ideal kitchen. The key is

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on your kitchen furniture choosing, whether it is wooden material furniture, or wrought iron furniture.

Small kitchen does not mean it should be made lightly. Although the mini-sized kitchen, its existence remained functional. On the other hand, it made the interior of the house so attractive. If there is little space for the kitchen, it would be good if you decorate it nicely, not just put it without any meaning and decoration. Even small-sized kitchen can be made pretty and attractive.

The first key to design small kitchen in a limited space is the usage of cabinet. The goal is to be able to accommodate a variety of cookware and other kitchenware. For additional storage containers, cabinets and shelves made hanging on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area attached to the wall. Open shelves can be used to facilitate the display, dinnerware, or frequently used cookware, so there is no need to bother opening the lid closet.

You can place a set of dining table in the kitchen room space. Place it against the wall to minimize the empty space of your kitchen space. It also can provide circulation space for people passing by in the kitchen. Create a sleek and simple design. Use a table with the variation of wrought iron accessories to add a modern look into the kitchen.

Choose a neat and natural design for the kitchen closet; the key is to make your kitchen convenience and comfort. Small kitchen design concept is usually more suitable to be applied in an open-concept home; it means this kitchen will become a part of other rooms in the house.

Small size kitchen furniture deliberately designed to follow the existing space, it will maximizing the existing space of kitchen and not wasting unnecessary space. By using your own furniture designs, models and sizes can be adjusted to the needs.

For aesthetic considerations, choose a wood material cabinet. Wood has nice fiber, large grooves and clearly visible. Another consideration is choosing a light-colored wood, to given the feel of mini kitchen, so it does not give the impression of cramped in the kitchen.